What can I expect in my veggie share each week?

We grow a wide variety of vegetables.  Each week, we will suggest a “Farmer’s Choice” selection based on what’s in peak season.  You can choose to go with the suggested selection or customize your share based on what’s in season, your call!

We made this nifty chart to give you a sense of what is usually available and when, based on our farm’s growing climate here in Pemberton.

What size share should I get?


Small shares are generally 5-8 items each week



Here’s an example of a mid-summer SMALL SIZE share

-Head of Iceberg lettuce

-Fresh beans

-Bunch of beets

-Summer squash for grilling (2 packs)

-Bunch of kale

-Green cabbage


Large shares are usually 8-12 items each week 



Here’s an example of a mid-summer LARGE share

-Head of leafy lettuce

-New potatoes

-Bag of salad greens

-Bag of arugula

-Baby BBQ zucchinis

-Patty pan squashes

-Bunch salad turnips

-Pint of cherry tomatoes

-Several garlic bulbs