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Frequently Asked Questions

General Farm-ey Questions...

An excellent question! A horse’s walk is a four hoof-beat gait. Clip-clop, clip-clop. The walk of a willing team of workhorses is steady and purposeful, as they tread lightly on the earth and are fueled by solar energy in the form of plant matter that is then put back into the soil to grow again.

Farming is rarely this poetic, but systems like these give this farmer food for thought and inspiration to grow better through the rhythm of the seasons here at Four Beat Farm.

With the fast-pace of our work and busy days as a crew in the field, the farm is not generally open to the public.

That said, we love showing our Harvest Share members where their food is being grown! We have several member open-house days every year so you can come and tour the fields and enjoy the beauty.

If you would like to see the farm outside of those days, get in touch by phone or email to fourbeatfarm(at) and let’s see what is possible.

Many different kinds! Currently on the harvest roster are major players such as: carrots, salads, potatoes, beets, broccoli, cabbages, onions, turnips, radishes, kale, tomatoes, herbs, and many more. We also grow smaller quantities of lesser-known veggies such as kohlrabi and celery root.

See a list of what to expect here

Pemberton’s mountain climate is perfect for cool-loving crops, like broccoli and carrots. Since many popular heat-loving plants like peppers, cucumbers and tomatoes can be finicky here, we prioritize growing them for taste and for quality rather than quantity.

If you’re wanting a harvest share with tons of peppers and eggplants, you may want to consider other CSA farms for a better fit.

At the risk of sounding sassy, if you’re looking for local mangoes we gently suggest you consider moving closer to the equator.

Weekly Harvest Share program FAQ's

We have pick up and delivery options throughout the Sea to Sky.

For the 2024 Main Season (mid-June to early November), see current info and pick-up/delivery options at

You’ll get a weekly email list of the”Farmer’s Choice” veggie selection for that week based on your chosen share size.  That’s the default that will get harvested for you.

Or, if you’d like to tweak it to your taste, log into your Farmigo account to swap out items based on what’s available.

This customization option is offered each week, 3-4 days before your pick-up or delivery day.  You can:

-Swap veggies (ie trade out kale for carrots, avoid fennel, load up on onions, etc.)

-Add extra veg (and eggs when available!) to bulk up your share if you’ve got company or want to do a big round of freezer meals

Don’t worry, it’s a pretty user-friendly system.  You’ll get a pre-season email with easy-to-follow instructions for accessing your online account, and we’re always available to help.

We try to make it as easy as possible to help the planet.

If you’re picking up from us, you can use whatever bags, boxes, or containers you have lying around at home to transport your produce.  Occasionally we will pre-bag or sort choice items (such as bags of arugula or tomato pints), but for the most part it’s bulk and freestyle.

We see everything from re-used clear produce bags to fabric grocery totes to clean laundry bins.  We also have a few extra bags on hand for you to use if you forget, not to worry.  Whatever works for you.

If you’re getting home delivery, you’ll put a cooler out front for us to put your veggies into.

 If you leave us your clean quarts and egg cartons, we’re happy to re-use them.

We know that no one wants to waste food. If you’re a first time CSA member, it might take a few weeks to adjust to eating and cooking with what’s in season.  So, even with your best intentions, there may be a few tomatoes that wind up in the compost.  And that’s OK.  It’s all part of learning to eat right from the farm.

Because you can customize your share each week and swap out items, we’ve been told that our members waste SIGNIFICANTLY less food than with a more traditional one-size-fits-all harvest box program.

You’ll also find that, because our produce is harvested fresh for you, the shelf-life on your veggies is much (much) longer than what you might be used to when buying from other sources.

We know life gets busy.  You will get a reminder email before every pick-up or delivery day.  If you can’t make it to pick up, simply send a family member, friend, or neighbour to collect your share.

You can also reschedule your veggie share with minimum 4 days advance notice;  it’s easy to do online, and you’ll simply choose a future pick up/delivery day to get a double load of veg.

Alternatively, fresh produce also makes a great gift for your house-sitter or dog-walker if you’re going on vacation for a couple of weeks. 

We offer both pick up and home home delivery options to suit your schedule.

As with veggie customizing and share rescheduling, you can also switch between pick up and delivery options with 3 days advance notice using the online system.

In order to keep your farmers sane, our harvest schedule on track, and your produce fresh, unclaimed shares at pick up are forfeit, and donated back to farm volunteers and staff.

You can more about our policies on the Member Commitment page

Choose your preferred payment option and payment plan when you sign up. 

E-transfer is our go-to, but we also accept cash, cheque, and credit card as needed.

We are strong believers in the power of buying local and of supporting our community.  We do offer sliding scale share pricing and extended payment plans to suit the needs of different households and income levels; just send us an email.

You can transfer your share anytime mid-season if work/housing/etc changes, just find a friend or neighbour who wants to give it a try. We can’t refund deposits, because they buy seeds that are already planted for you! If you give it your best shot all summer and the harvest share system really isn’t working for you, we will refund your Fall season.

Read more about the Harvest Share Member Commitment here

In general, your vegetable share is 100% grown by us at our certified organic farm in Pemberton.

Some years we source certified organic potatoes from our neighbours so that we can ensure good crop rotation in our fields and preserve soil health.

For egg shares, we source certified organic farm-fresh eggs from our friends at Spray Creek Ranch just north of Pemberton.


For Fruit shares, we source fruit from a roster of certified organic fruit growers across BC to ensure great quality and variety.

We will ALWAYS let you know where your food is coming from. 

Life is full of questions; your food shouldn’t be.

If you’ve got lots of time to improvise in the kitchen and can whip up great meals with any vegetable at the drop of a hat, that’s nice for you.  Your farmers would love a dinner invite sometime. 

For the rest of us who can barely make toast some days,  your CSA membership includes:

-Recipes and new veggie ideas

-Tips for keeping things fresh

-Farm Newsletters to stay connected

We regularly monitor provincial and federal public health, agricultural and food safety recommendations.

As a farm, we’ve weathered snowstorms, heat domes, and a global pandemic, and we are pros at learning to adapt to changes and challenges as they come along. We will get your veggies to you.  

We live in a changing climate, and as farmers we recognize that you need us now more than ever for a supply of nutrient-dense food.

Contact us here

The best way to reach us is generally by email to fourbeatfarm(at)