You don't just get a box of veggies.
You get to be part of something bigger.

A weekly Harvest Share (or Community Supported Agriculture – CSA) is based on a sturdy relationship between eaters and growers that embraces the risks and rewards of farming. with a Harvest Share, you buy a “share” of the farm’s harvest for that season.

As a Harvest Share member, you make this commitment early on, when we farmers are making plans and buying supplies, and we return the favour throughout the summer and autumn months in the form of farm-grown produce.

This community support allows us as farmers to put 110% of our energy into growing lots of great food knowing that there are household fridges just waiting to be filled.

As Harvest Share members, you trust your farmer to provide to the best of their abilities and your Harvest Share farmer relies on all of their members to be appreciative, understanding, and supportive through thick and thin. In a year of drought, you may enjoy an abundance tomato salads with few heads of lettuce to be seen.

By putting money directly into the hands of your local farmer, you are having a voice in your local food system, the future of farmland, and the health of your community.

Plus, we’ve been told by our members that it tastes pretty good too!

Wondering how it will work for you?

Here's what we've learned over the years...

A weekly Harvest Share is probably a good fit for you if...

-You think food tastes better when it’s fresh

-Local is important to you

-You like eating vegetables

-You want to eat what’s in season

-You’re up for trying new things

-You want to feel good about where you shop and what you eat

-You eat at home fairly often or you want to start cooking more

-You’re willing to spend money on quality food