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Sharing the Harvest and the Roots of Community Supported Agriculture.

Meaningful Relationships

The Harvest Share program (also known as Community Supported Agriculture – CSA) is based on a sturdy relationship between eaters (that’s you!) and growers (that’s us ;).   Simply put, you or your household buys a “share” of the farm’s harvest for that season.

As a Harvest Share member, you’ll generally make this commitment early on, when we farmers are purchasing key inputs such as seeds and compost.  In turn, you receive fresh farm-grown produce throughout the summer and autumn months as the crops mature.

This direct support from folks like you allows us as farmers to put 110% of our energy into growing an abundance of quality food for you.

Risk and Reward

As Harvest Share members, you trust your farmers to provide to the best of their abilities.  At the same time, a Harvest Share farmer relies on their members to be appreciative, understanding, and supportive through thick and thin. In a year of drought, for example, there might be fewer heads of lettuce coupled with an abundance of tomato salads.

In today’s rapidly changing climate, harvest share programs are more important than ever.

By putting money directly into the hands of your local farmer, you are having a voice in your local food system, in the future of farmland, and in the health of yourself and your family.

Connection. Food. Community. That's what it's all about.

Plus, we’ve been told it tastes pretty good too.

Yes, it really is as wholesome (and awesome) as it sounds.

Let’s be honest though, getting your produce through a CSA program isn’t for everyone.

It is SO important that members not only believe in the importance of supporting local farms, but also that you thrive and SUCCEED in your commitment to fresh, seasonal cooking and eating. We offer lots of support (recipe ideas, veg storage tips, etc.), but it’s good to do a little self-check before signing up.

->If you’re wondering if joining our CSA “farm-ily” is right for you, here are some key questions to ask yourself…

-Do you think food tastes better when it’s fresh?

-Do you want to feel good about where you shop and what you eat?

-Do you like eating vegetables, or want to eat more of them?

-Are you willing to spend money to have high quality, fresh produce?

  • -Do you enjoy cooking at home, or wish you did it more often

  • -Do you want your dollars to have a positive impact on your local community AND on the planet?

If you answer “yes” to most or all of these questions, hooray! 
Sounds like you’d fit right in here as a harvest share member.