North Vancouver CSA

We are now signing up for the 2018 CSA season!

Have a read of the details below, and if it sounds right for you then submit your sign up form by mail or email. (Word.doc or PDF)

If you are wondering what a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) refers to, read here.

The basics

Four Beat Farm’s CSA program features bi-weekly, market-style pick-ups in North Vancouver throughout the harvest season on Wednesdays from 3pm-5:30pm with a farm share paid in two installments of $350.

What does this mean?

Four Beat Farm will bring fresh Pemberton vegetables to Lynn Valley every second Wednesday. As a CSA member, you are responsible for coming to the pick-up (located near Lynn Valley Elementary School) between 3pm and 5:30pm to pick up your share. A reminder will be sent out before each pick-up. If you cannot make it, feel free to send a friend or neighbour.

We know that this day or time may not work for everyone, and some of our members have worked around this by encouraging a friend or neighbour to join as well to be able to trade off on picking up our produce, which we have been told is worth the extra effort.

The first pick-up is scheduled for August 15th and the last one for October 24th for a total harvest season of 12 weeks and an extra-large “double share”
of storage crops planned to enjoy late into the fall at the final pickup.

At the pick-up, there will be a list of items that make up a share. For example, “Take up to 2lb of carrots” or “Broccoli or Cauliflower, take your pick”. With a market-style set-up, there are opportunities to try new things and trade out for favourites within the listed guidelines. It also one way of minimizing food waste, as there is no sense in taking home more than you know you will eat.

A CSA share is designed to feed a household of 2-3 people for the entire season. Each pick-up is intended to last for two weeks.  If you are two people who enjoy cooking with lots of vegetables, a family of four with a range of tastes, or an individual who loves juicing and canning for the winter, it should work out about right. Remember that joining the CSA may mean discovering new vegetables and ways of eating. It’s all part of the experience, and your farmer will do her best to share tips and tricks that go with what’s in season.

Payment for a CSA share is made in two installments, the first $350 when you sign up and the remaining $350 by September 1st. The half deposit holds your place, as there are a limited number of members that the farm can feed, and it gives your farmer the go-ahead to buy seed and other pre-season supplies to grow food for you.

We offer an early-bird discount ($680 share price) if you sign up by January 31st, and it is recommended that you sign up early to avoid disappointment as we do sell out of shares.

If you are interested in joining the CSA but this payment schedule or methods do not work for you, do not hesitate to get in touch and suggest an alternative. Community Supported Agriculture is about supporting each other to live well in this place and to thrive, and Four Beat Farm is committed to working hard to make that happen.

It is important to re-iterate that, just like in life, there are no guarantees in farming.  Have no doubt that your farmer has detailed and well-thought out plans to provide every member with dozens of different vegetables in appropriate quantities on a regular basis, and that as your farmer she has every intention of working very hard to see this through.  The rain clouds, the slugs, and other organic forces will likely try to present alternatives.  This may mean a bumper crop of broccoli with no turnips to be found.  There will be no refunds given on CSA memberships.

Ready for a journey of local, seasonal eating?  2018 CSA Application (Word.doc)

If your computer has trouble reading the above Word version, try this version in PDF: 2018 CSA Application (PDF)

An early and late season example of CSA shares from past seasons…