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Thank you for stopping by our greenhouse pledge page. 

Update: We have made our tallies for the 2020 season, and Four Beat Farm has $5000 to add to the greenhouse fund right now. Based on supply estimates, our total greenhouse fundraising goal is $30,000.

If you can help us raise $15,000 by November 1, then we can put an ordering deposit down. And we’ll follow up in the spring with an update and final push to the finish line.

If you’ve learned all you need to know about our project to make a pledge, click a blue “pay now” button to go straight to Four Beat Farm’s Square Checkout. If Square is not for you, an e-transfer can be made directly to Four Beat Farm at fourbeatfarm@gmail.com or you can contact us at the same address to arrange other methods. 

Need a refresher on why we’re raising funds?

At Four Beat Farm, we have always had a strategic plan to:
• take climate action seriously,
• bolster food security, and
• adapt our farming practices to the inevitability of climate change.

These actions help the planet and help us raise better veggies for our community. Some of our decisions have included diversifying and testing our veggies for growing in the region – and expanding our capacity to protect them.

It’s been a part of the plan to strengthen our shelter zones around the property. But after being on flood watch and going through a series of hardcore heat waves this past summer – and realizing the benefits of the prop house – we’ve grasped the value of being nimble and taking action in a hurry.

So…we are building a greenhouse in 2022.

We have a skilled construction team and strong labourers ready to put it together (it’s a lot of work, but we’ve got this!).

For perspective, we thought we’d share a picture of a greenhouse. This is not the actual greenhouse.

Now, all we need is a greenhouse. We have an excellent list of suppliers that can provide us with a quality greenhouse that will endure wild weather for years to come. However, it has become a bigger financial commitment to buy a greenhouse – due to COVID-19 interrupting the supply of building materials around the world.

We value your love for community supported agriculture. And we appreciate that you’ve been understanding about the risks and tasty rewards in supporting our farm. A greenhouse will set us up for better crop management through the season giving you more reliable veggie harvests to enjoy (especially when it comes to everyone’s favourites, like tomatoes, cucumbers and winter salad greens).

Why do we need help?

Climate unpredictability affects farming and building a greenhouse sooner can help us mitigate those risks by providing the opportunity to:

• keep CSA share prices fair for members in a time where the price of imported climate-impacted food is climbing dramatically
• use shade cloth to protect delicate plants from heat waves,
• control the temperature during cold snaps,
• lengthen our growing season,
• and prevent crop loss in 2022 and beyond.

What do we need from you?

Let’s just say, you’re not alone in supporting Four Beat Farm – the farm-ily tree has grown to a healthy (still small-scale) size, so we hope to spread out the cost so folks can contribute whatever they can – in all sizes. Given that we plan for 20 weeks of harvesting every year, we are encouraging a pledge of $150 equal to $7.50 a week. Or if you see farming as a year-round adventure like we do, that’s just $2.88 a week for a year.

We will be adding a pledge button to Farmigo so you can add a pledge to your harvest share basket any time. However, we’d be grateful if you helped us kick start this greenhouse with pledges, today

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pledged of $15,000 (needed by Nov 1st)

Last updated October 13th, 2021

A greenhouse pledge of $300 is equal to $15 per week for a 20 week harvest season.


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A greenhouse pledge of $150 is equal to $7.50 per week for a 20 week harvest season.


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Pledges of any size help us move toward our goal of building a greenhouse in spring of 2022.

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