Pemberton Meadows

Four Beat Farm stewards 10 acres of leased land that lies within the traditional  territory of the Lil’wat Nation and is just north of the village of Pemberton.  With plentiful fresh air, mountain views, and clean water, it is no wonder that the Pemberton Meadows has a vibrant agricultural community and is known for quality products.

Quality produce for people

We grow over 35 different vegetables that are sold directly to individuals and families through Community Supported Agriculture harvest shares and our local farmers’ market.


Our draft horses, affectionately called “solar tractors” by some, provide much of the horsepower in the field while generating valuable compost and lessening reliance on fossil fuels.

Certified Organic

Four Beat Farm is Certified Organic, which means no GMOs or synthetic fertilizers are present on the farm and our methods are third-party verified.  We are certified by the Biodynamic Agricultural Society of BC (BDASBC 10*500-40), and we also employ biodynamic growing practices that focus on soil health and creating regenerative farm systems.

Naomi Martz grew up on the West Coast and feels quite fortunate to be agriculture-ing such an amazing place to call home.  She sees farming as an excuse to tromp around in the rain, a means of satisfying her appetite for carrots and community, and a way to live well in a changing world.

Also at the helm is a brown farm dog named Keisha who is consistently ready to chase pesky bears, sample fresh carrots, and nap when there is weeding to be done.

Working hard to grow good food well.

Four Beat Farm is all about growing food that is filled with life. By choosing to follow organic practices, recognizing the importance of human and draft animal power in modern agriculture, and sharing the risks and rewards of farming through its Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program, this small farm system is committed to engaging in the present for a healthy future.

As a CSA member, you get to enjoy fresh organic produce directly from our farm throughout the growing season, and you get to invest in a local farm that you know and trust.  Want to learn more?