July 28th, 2021- Farm Newsletter

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Text only version:
Farm Newsletter This past week has been a great one on the farm.  Everyone on the crew is really getting into the swing of the harvest season, working hard to get the veggies out of the ground, washed and prepped for our incredible harvest share members, and having some fun while doing it. 

We’re still noticing some of the effects of June’s heat wave, but most of the plants have readjusted to the more seasonal temperatures and are back on track. We are waiting to see if some of our sunburnt plants will recover as they grow, so keep your fingers crossed! 
Crop Watch Salad is back! Our new salad planting is doing great, and we were able to harvest Arugula and our famous Zesty Mix this morning.  We bulk harvested our carrots over the weekend to keep them from being damaged by bugs and bears in the field. So we have plenty of bunches available again this week for our Harvest Share members. 

Garlic scape season is officially over, but there is always next June!  Sarah pictured here showing off her carrot bunches! Did you know you can eat carrot greens? These bitter greens make a great addition to pesto, or an excellent substitute for parsley in Chimichurri. 

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