How To Customize your Harvest Share

Customizing your harvest share… how it works! 

-You will get a suggested “Farmer’s Choice” Box (and an email reminding you of this) before each delivery. Looks good? Great, no further action is needed. We will pack this for you as the default.

-Want to swap a few things? Add extras? You can customize your box during your specified time window (Saturday at 10am until Sunday at 6pm for Squamish members; Sunday at 10am to Monday at 6pm for Pemberton members)

To customize your box contents and/or to add additional items (see photos attached for examples)

1) Go to the store link: and login to your account (If you have forgotten your Farmigo account login, you can always reset your password)

2) Your cart will be pre-filled with the default Farmer’s Choice, click on the cart to expand. Click on items for more info.  Click – or + to add and remove items. *If you customize your box, you must click “Place Order” to save it (see photo below)! Check for a confirmation email, as this will tell you that your changes have been submitted.


-If you see items in the webstore with a $ price (rather than in credits), you can purchase this in addition. If we have extra eggs for sale, or other products from neighbouring farms, you would see them there.

-If you add extras to your box, or go beyond the credit limit for that week, you’ll see the balance charge on the right-hand side of the screen (see photo) and this amount will be in your confirmation email once you click the “Place Order” button. Please send an e-transfer for the remaining owed. 

Please note that unused credits do not carry over from week to week. See below for info on how to reschedule your share…

Rescheduling your share 

If you are away one week and want to reschedule your share, you can reschedule and receive a double share when you return. To reschedule your share: 

-Login to your Farmigo account 

– Click on the “Delivery Hold” tab (see photo below)

-Enter in the dates you are unable to receive your share, follow the prompts to reschedule your share for a following week. 

Thank you for supporting local!

-Naomi and the Four Beat Farm team

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