Farm Fresh: Brussels Sprouts

Veg ID: We all know the green ones…they look like mini green cabbages.  Some years we’ve also grown a small crop of heirloom or open-pollinated red/purple sprouts that are also delicious, just like a mini red cabbage.

Keep them fresh: These guys will keep for weeks in the fridge, or often even longer (especially when you get them on the stalk).  If you forget about them and they look a bit yellow from hiding out at the back of the fridge all month, try just peeling back the outside layer and often they are as good as new!  Best kept in a semi-sealed bag or container, as they will go limp with too much air.

Eat them fresh (Sept-Dec): Roasted is usually best, just roll in some oil and a bit of salt.  Alternatives include steamed, boiled, and in casseroles (add bacon and/or cheese if you’re trying to gently convert non-brussels-lovers).  We also love throwing them into a stir fry, just like you would cabbage.

Enjoy year round: Cut them in half and put in the freezer for an easy addition to casserole in the spring before fresh greens hit the market.  They’ll also tend to keep in the fridge or a cool garage until quite late into the winter.

October Farmer Fave:  Heat up some oil or butter in a pan, add a clove of garlic and some squash seeds and grated carrots, and throw in brussels sprouts that have been halved.  Cook on high heat for 5 with a dash of tamari, soy sauce, and/or nutritional yeast for a hearty flavour and enjoy crispy sprouts for lunch. 

All-season Farmer Fave: Oven roast brussels sprouts, purple potatoes, and chopped beets for a late winter splash of colour.  Enjoy as a snack with veggie dip or gravy on a cold winter evening or as an after school snack.

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