Eat right from your farmer's field.

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Welcome to Four Beat Farm

We are a small certified organic farm in the Pemberton Valley.

We grow quality fresh produce for our local farmers’ market and for the many individuals and families throughout Squamish, North Vancouver, and Pemberton who join our Harvest Share program every year. 

Know your farmer

Every family needs a farmer. By joining our CSA Harvest Share program, you can know where your food comes from and trust that everything is grown right in our fields.

Your local spot

We have regular pickup options in Squamish, North Vancouver, and Pemberton throughout the harvest season.


With diversity in mind, over 35 vegetables are chosen and grown for variety and for taste, not to mention recipe ideas and veg prep tips so you can enjoy the best of seasonal eating without feeling overwhelmed.

Wait...what is a CSA?

If you haven’t heard of a CSA until now, we know it can seem a bit unusual.  It stands for “Community Supported Agriculture”.  There are thousands of farm CSAs around the world, so we can’t take any credit for the idea.

Really, it’s just a simple way for you to connect with a local farm, support your local farmer, and enjoy a share of the harvest by taking home fresh produce.


We had a few of our CSA Members from 2018 tell us what they thought

Four Beat Farm is fantastic. I highly recommend Naomi and her team. Their food is fresh and delicious.

Best of all it's sustainable and we get to support our local farmers.
Squamish CSA
Member since 2017
Summer of 2018 was our first year of the Four Beat Farm CSA program and we are very happy we joined it.
It always feels great to support a local farm, especially knowing that they are producing the best quality produce for you.
The quality and quantity of the produce was great, and pick up was always super easy.
Squamish CSA
Member since 2018

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  • Pemberton Meadows, British Columbia
  • 1-604-902-1514

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