Welcome to Four Beat Farm!

We are a certified organic vegetable farm in Pemberton, B.C. 

You can enjoy quality produce through our weekly Harvest Share program. 

Choose from weekly delivery options in Squamish and Pemberton

Know your farmer

Every family needs a farmer.
As a weekly Harvest Share member, you'll get food that comes directly from our fields to your home.

It's local, it's fresh, and it's grown by real people you can trust.

Your local spot

We have convenient options for pick up and delivery in Squamish and in Pemberton.

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Quality and Choice

There are 35+ varieties, and everything is certified organic.

Customize your box to your taste.

Eating local has never been so simple and delicious.

So...what is a Harvest Share
(or C.S.A.)?

If you’re new to the term “Harvest Share” or “CSA” don’t worry.  It stands for “Community Supported Agriculture” and it’s a simple way for you to connect directly with your local farmer.

You get to know where your food is coming from,

and you’ll have fresh ingredients on hand at home.

It’s more than just a box of veggies.

How Does a Harvest Share Work?

Each week from June to November, you will receive a selection of farm fresh produce straight from our fields, and into your kitchen.

You can customize your vegetable share each week,  so you can try new things or stick with your favorites. Want 4 bunches of Kale this week? Or zero kale? Either way, we can do that for you!

Plus, you can sign up for a steady supply of eggs and we even have flowers available in the summer from our partner farms.



With over 70% retention each year (that’s folks who try it, love it, and keep coming back), we are proud to be farmers that you can rely on.

We had a few of our 2020 Harvest Share Members tell us what they thought

Four Beat Farm is fantastic. I highly recommend Naomi and her team. Their food is fresh and delicious.

Best of all it's sustainable and we get to support our local farmers.
Squamish Harvest share
Member since 2017
Summer of 2018 was our first year of the Four Beat Farm CSA program and we are very happy we joined it.
It always feels great to support a local farm, especially knowing that they are producing the best quality produce for you.
The quality and quantity of the produce was great, and pick up was always super easy.
Squamish harvest share
Member since 2018

I really want to know who my farmer is!

Well hey! I am Naomi. Along with my brave farm-dog Keisha, our fleet of spirited draft horses, and an awesome crew of humans, we are the friendly faces behind our big little farm.

Our crew have been growing all our favorite vegetables on about 4 acres in the beautiful Pemberton Valley for a few years now, and we want to share our knowledge and bounty with you. Plus I am really fond of vegetable puns,
if that’s your jam.

Not only is it our mission to grow quality produce for everyday eating, we are also full of tips and tricks to get the most out of your Harvest Share!

What kind of variety can I expect?

Each week we average 5 – 12 different vegetables to pick from, depending on  your chosen box size.

Depending on the time of year, we rotate through 35+ different kinds of veg! 
We aim to offer consistent, quality produce at its finest, while providing great value over the course of the season. 

Early Summer for fresh spring salad greens, radishes, scallions and herbs,

Mid Summer is full of tomatoes, beets, and green beans,

Fall brings us sweet Brussel sprouts, squash and root vegetables like those famous Potatoes.

Each week you can choose to go with our suggested box, or sub out some items for more of your favorites. We leave it up to you!

Pick up and Delivery Options

Full Season harvest shares for 2021 run weekly from

June 23rd to November 10th. 

This includes a one week break at the beginning of September (so we can get all the squash, onions, and potatoes harvested on time),  you’ll get 20 weeks of tasty fresh vegetables, fresh from the farm.  


Squamish (Wednesdays)

Pickup is in the afternoon/evening at a central spot in Squamish; Home Delivery is available

Pemberton (Fridays)

Pick up is in the afternoon/evening at the Community Barn; Home Delivery is available


*Our online system not only allows you to customize your veggies, it also give the option to reschedule a delivery if you are out of town.*


Wait...do I actually get to choose what I get each week?

Yes!  We use an easy online
system for sharing the harvest.


 What this means for you:

– Each week, you’ll get a list if what veggies are available at the farm, and we’ll suggest a “Farmer’s Choice” selection based on what’s abundant and exciting in our fields.

– You can stick with the suggested choices (or have it be a surprise, if that’s your thing).   Or, make as many swaps as you want based on what’s available in the field, so it’s personalized it to your tastes.

– The system is credit-based, so you can make the most of your food dollars at home and we can make the most of your support in the field (it’s a win-win).

– Plus, in peak season you can purchase additional produce when you have big meals planned or want to make big batches for the freezer (beyond your usual weekly share value).  Or, if you’re out of town for a week, you can reschedule and get double the veg when you come home.

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  • Pemberton Meadows, British Columbia
  • 1-604-902-1514
  • fourbeatfarm@gmail.com

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